5 Reasons Why Every Female Entrepreneur Should Own a Microphone

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I’ll never forget the excitement of launching my very first podcast show. It was back in 2013, I had just given birth to my daughter 5 months prior and I was determined to design a business that would allow me to transition from corporate America. I launched my first show, The Lovemade Lifestyle and I just knew that podcasting was going to help me hit it BIG. As I reflect on those times, I was really cute and extremely green about how to create a sustainable online business at time. I also did not realize how powerful owning a professional microphone made me.


5 Reasons Why Every Female Entrepreneur Should Own a Microphone


1) Hosting Your Own Podcasting/Video Interview Shows – Ambitious females who want to dominate their industry and truly carve out a name for themselves as a thought leader within their industry should definitely consider hosting their own podcast shows. Podcast listening is an intimate experience, which is a great way to build that credibility and trust factor with your audience that is so critical to maximizing sales conversions. You can host a solo show or leverage influence power by featuring amazing guests on your show. Either way, make sure you serve your listeners well by discussing valuable topics that align with your business.


2) Being Interviewed as a Guest – Appearing as a guest host on someone else’s show is a great way to increase your exposure.   Owning a quality microphone will help you to sound a clear and professional as possible. You want to make sure that you are always honoring the show host by being a great guest with high quality audio. No show host (radio, podcast, or video) wants to air poor quality audio to their audience. Quality always relates to the user experience (in this case listener experience). It would not be an enjoyable experience if someone has to listen you through a poor audio that is filled with static or background interference. You should always show up for opportunities with you “A” game. Having a good microphone will save your frustration and embarrassment and allow you to shine as the poised professional that you are.


3) Creating Commercials – Using your microphone can easily create your own video or audio commercials as a promotional tool. You can then leverage advertising platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter ads. If you are going to invest money in your marketing, you should make sure that you are positioned as professionally as possible. Having a high quality microphone will help you produce audio that is crisp and clear enough for listeners to understand and be impressed by.


4) Live Trainings – There are several platforms that you could utilize for both free and paid trainings. Many training and conferencing platforms such a StartMeeting, ZOOM, and GoToWebinar will offer you the option of using your microphone and speakers. Whenever you have the chance, it’s best to use select the microphone option. The audio from your microphone will typically sound much clearer than audio from a telephone line.


5) Product Creation – This is one of my absolute favorite reasons why every #BossLady needs a professional microphone. Having downloadable products to sell is a great passive income & automation strategy that will allow you to prosper from your wisdom and talents. Owning a quality microphone provides you with the ability to create audio products, audio lessons, and ensure that the audios for your video modules are clear and on point. If you are an information product creator, you priority should be to provide your customers with quality products. Digital product creation can seem intimidating, however it can actually be as simple as you mapping out a valuable lesson that your audience is interested in learning about and pressing the record button. From there you package the product with on brand graphics, load it in to your e-commerce provider, and start selling. Voila! Now you have created value in the world and your PayPal is happy.


I’ve come a long way since my first podcast microphone and eventually I did leave my job in 2014. Since then I’ve been able to run my business full time and teach other ladies how to transition and grow their businesses. Selling products and services that has been key to me sustaining life as an entrepreneur. Owning a high quality microphone makes product creation a breeze for me.


Do you already own a good quality microphone?

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