Ready to maximize and monetize your message?


Are you a female creative entrepreneur who is ready to live your very best life?   Are you someone who is tired of watching the wild successes of others from the sideline? Are you exhausted with your current 9 – 5 and you are beyond ready to perform work that you love?

After all . . .

You KNOW you have value

You HAVE the same level of knowledge or even more experience than your peers

You KNOW that you have been doing the work

SOOOOO why aren’t you making the type of money you deserve?

I   K N O W   J U S T   H O W   Y O U   F E E L  ,  I ' V E   B E E N   T H E R E   B E F O R E .


You see, before I started to invest in coaching and personal development, I had tried just about every single online business model available.  I have sold physical products, tried my hand at network marketing (albeit short lived, I respect the industry, but its not my thing), and I even tried my hand at non-profit work (for some reason I didn’t realize that you could be both motivational & for profit).

It wasn’t until I connected to my CORE and started moving in alignment with my true purpose and calling that I was able to create momentum in my business.

Who Am I?


Brandy Butler, Author , Speaker, and Online Business Strategist.  I help my clients to establish themselves as SUPERSTAR experts and package their expertise.  I teach my clients to activate, monetize, and syndicate their message as a means of establishing AUTHORITY and dominating their market niche.  Within less than 12 months, I’ve been able to gain professional speaking gigs at several major national conferences, I’ve worked with clients all over the world (US, UK, France, Japan, and Canada just to name a few), and I’ve helped my clients to launch podcasts that ranked as high as #1 & #3 on iTunes New & Noteworthy.  Through our work, I have helped clients to launch brand new products in as little as 24 hours.

As a result of working with me, my clients own their unique talents & strengths so that they can articulate their brand message in a way that is captivating to their future customers, and live a future brighter than they’ve ever imagined.


People tend to work with me because of my relatable, bubbly, and soulful,  yet GET IN YO AZZ approach.




I help you bundle up your greatness and show up as the very best version of yourself so that you can elevate to your next level.





You see it’s not about just running a business, it’s about standing out as an AUTHORITY, owning your God Given talents, sharing your message so that you can help others, and standing in the
PROMISE of who you were CREATED to be.




Here’s what I know about you:




But you are also STUCK & ready to uplevel your momentum and results. You want to know exactly how to create an online business that works best for your life, personality, and unique situation.



ANNNNDDDD that’s WHY you are here now.



Y O U  A R E N ' T  W I L L I N G  T O  W A S T E  A N O T H E R  S E V E R A L  M O N T H S  O R  Y E A R S   D R E A M I N G  O N  T H E   S I D E L I N E S

W O N D E R I NG  W H E N  T H I N G S  W I L L  C H A N G E   F O R  Y O U .


If only you could just figure out that one piece to the puzzle that you are missing, you could make it all work


I want you to realize that you are just one shift away from living the life that you desire.  Everything you want is well within your reach.



Don’t you worry, what’s for you is for you.  You don’t have to compete for it, because it’s already yours.


However, you have the power to DECIDE how soon you arrive at your desired result.


You see, there are multiple ways to reach the solution to a problem.


You can continue to go about things on your own


You can decide to plug into a proven system with a mentor


When I first connected with Brandy it was during a time when I was desperately trying to understand how to grow my brand into a business. Hiring Brandy for one-on-one coaching was one the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Within 30 days of quitting my job in corporate America to launch my own business,  I was able to see a return on the investment I had made in hiring brandy. She. Is. That. Good.  She's more than a brand coach. She's a mentor, a friend, and kick in the pants when I need it. I could not and would not be the brand I am today had it not been for Brandy Butler.

Lisa Jean Francois

The question is - Are you ready to experience increase?



Only 10% of success is equated to execution.  90% is belief and who you show up in the world as.


Why is this important?  Because in order for you to truly SHOW UP, you need to rock your divine authority with your CORE.




Confidence (Attracts the Clients)

Origin (Derived from the Creator)

Results (Doing the Work)

Evidence (Paying attention to your momentum, feedback, and opportunities)

After working with me you will:


  • Have brand clarity so that you can confidently navigate and execute with power.
  • Develop an Irresistible Brand Story, so that you can resonate and connect with your ideal client at a deep level.
  • Know exactly how to hone in on and speak to your ideal client/customer magnetize and attract your ideal client.  I call this Client Creation rather than Client Attraction.
  • Know how to establish yourself as an undeniable authority in your market place so that you become apparent as THE ONLY CHOICE for your dream clients to work with
  • Have multiple income streams so that you can have real "Reign-Maker" profitability
  • Know what it takes to create consistent income so that you experience the freedom and bliss that you crave and deserve.
  • A repeatable system so that you know "how to fish" and create impact whenever you desire.

With an Impeccable Mindset, Systems Automation, and Stellar Strategy, there is NO stopping the JUICY DIVINENESS that is about to unfold on your path!

I hired Brandy Butler to help me build my online presence as a coach to add another layer to my business.  I had been searching for someone that could help me do that when I met Brandy.  Her expertise and enthusiasm made Brandy the perfect choice to help me with all the moving pieces I had struggled with on my own. Though I have had a successful coaching business, I wanted to reach beyond my local market.  Brandy was instrumental in helping me get started in really building my online presence and audience.  She helped me start to get a much clearer direction for my online coaching business and helped me elevate my branding.

Brandy implemented online marketing strategies to build my online audience and presence, she was able to show a measurable 756% increase in my Twitter followers and up-level my brand on social media.

Brandy also worked with me to launch a live online event.  Her efforts not only helped fill the seats for that event, she also taught me how to do it and the event was a success resulting in closed business.

I highly recommend Brandy Butler for anyone that is looking to get their message and expertise out into the world.

Ann Carden

My Ideal Client


  • A high performing female who is ready to set up her corporate exit strategy with confidence
  • Someone who has already created a sizeable amount of content but has been struggling to create significant & consistent income
  • Some one who is committed to leveling up their beliefs, life, and business
  • Is willing and financially able to invest in the help of a coach
  • Been in business for 2+ years but is still struggling to create sustainable income and attract the right clients/customers


The clients I attract are typically bloggers, coaches, intuitive & spiritual healers, and beauty/fashion experts.

I Can't Work With You Directly If


  • You are a helpless cynic (However, I’m sure you have a delightfully witty sense of humor)
  • You are married to your limitations
  • You are committed to cutting corners to the detriment of your brand’s visual presentation
  • You are more dedicated to being the cheerleader than becoming the quarterback (Lights on Honey, it’s game time)
  • You aren’t willing to push past your fears and do the work
  • You are a person who fights vulnerability & shuts down easily
  • You are looking for a single silver bullet solution
  • You want to get rich over night
  • You aren’t coachable and can’t take feedback

No, this is CORE work and there will be several new paradigms and truths that will be revealed to you along the way.

Getting my message out was a difficult task before creating The Shift Your Life Podcast.  Taking Brandy Butler's podcast course has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business & speaking career. What are you waiting on? Brandy Butler is the coach you need to get you message heard by the masses.

Markeith A. Braden

The world needs you to SHOW UP for your dream!


If you are ready to confidently serve the world and walk in your promise.

O N L Y   L I M I T E D   S P O T S   A V A I L A B L E   C L I C K   B E L O W   T O   A  P P L Y .


Over the Next 3 Months, You will Experience the Following:


  • Four 45 minute Private Sessions (1st month)
  • Bi-weekly Private Sessions (two per month)  – 45 minutes
  • Build With Clarity
  • Nail Your Brand Message
  • Customized Marketing & Branding Strategy
  • Teach You How to Build Your Own Tribe of Raving Fans
  • New Client Acquisition Templates
  • Bust through Visibility Blocks
  • Revenue Blueprint & Scripts
  • Assignments
  • Personal Accountability & Support, Coaching via Telephone & Email
  • Access to my Private Community for Additional Group Accountability
  • Access to my ROCKSTAR Resources That Will Help You to Uplevel Your Business

Because I LOVE my clients and I am committed to helping you create success, I have packed this program with these generous bonuses.

If you are looking for a breakthrough that will cause a massive shift in your business, look no further!

I am absolutely blown away by Brandy's brilliance in helping me to expand my platform as a Branding Expert and boosting the global visibility of my brand consulting agency.  As a result of working with Brandy, I've added a leveraged layer of marketing through podcasting and increased the leads in my sales funnel by 50% just in the first 2 weeks of launching.  Brandy is the real-deal!

Nicole K. Lundy




What if I Can’t Afford This? No worries, I have payment options available. But here’s the thing, how long has this been your story?  What is it costing you to stay where you are?  Time is our most valuable resource and how much longer are you willing to waste time remaining stuck. I’ve learned that as humans we perform better when we have skin in the game.  If goal attainment is too easy and there is no type of stretch, human psychology causes us not to give it our all.  

I ONLY work with people who are READY TO BE ALL IN. I don’t work with lukewarm clients, I work with clients who are fiery and passionate about the reality that they create. Your Greatness Lies Outside of Your Comfort Zone This relationship is meant to stretch you into your very BEST NEXT.  That means the totality of this relationship must stretch you in regards to your finances

What if I’m not Ready After our 8 Sessions or I Need More? Don’t worry I wont drop you like a hot potato, we can also discuss you signing up for additional session Skin in the game there must be urgency around your dreams. You must complete you initial sessions within 6 months of you signing on unless critical issues such as illness or death.

Will I Need to Invest in Anything Else While in this Program? You won’t need to invest in another coach while in this program, but you will need to be open to investing in marketing, and advertising (resources external to me) in order to get in front of your ideal clients.  I will show you several ways to get free traffic, however I suggest using a combination of free + paid.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank of paid advertising and I will show you the best solutions for your unique situation.

Will I Be Overwhelmed? Not unless you allow yourself to be.  This is one of the greatest benefits of working with me.  I have been down this road before, I already know the snags and will help you to avoid pitfalls and blindspots.  I will lay out exactly what you need to be focused on in a particular time period.  I will also teach you a tactic called Just In Time Learning that will help you stay on course in the program.

Why is the Program 3 Months?

We’ll make substantial impact within 90 Days.  However, in order to help you best leverage the power of momentum and dominate your market space this program is 3 months.  I’m not helping you to build just another brand.  I’m helping you to create a brand that sizzles and DEMANDS attention.  Also, the 3 month duration helps you to avoid overwhelm and focus on the most import elements at a particular moment.

Let’s be realistic, there is no such thing as overnight success.  This is profitable foundational work, if you are looking for microwave success, this is not the program for you.  However, I can tell that the components included in this program will create prolonged impact and profitability.


Between Work & Kids, I don’t Have The Time to Build My Business

How much time do you have to continue wasting by stalling the growth of your vision?  How much more time are you willing to spend leading a live that is not your authentic truth.  Lack of time is actually a scarcity mindset.  Trust me I have three kids and I built my business  while I worked my 9 – 5.  You can do this, I’ll show you how.  You won’t fail.

How Much Will I Make?

Only you can determine that.   If you show up and do the work, you will create results.  What I can tell you is that I am going to show the exact $5K - $10K strategies that have yielded results for both my clients and myself.  Each person is different, I can’t promise you a specific amount.

Seriously, I Don't Have the Money

The law of polarity states that for every problem there is a solution.  For every lack, there is abundance.  The question is, which truth will you select to be your own. One thing that I know is that an opportunity won’t come your way, if you don’t have the means to take advantage of it.

I have laid out the blueprint to you becoming a highly sought after and well paid authority in your industry.  


If you are done with feast or famine months.  


If you are tired of spending hours searching for the answer.   


If you are done with feast or famine months. If you are tired of spinning your wheels.  If you are ready to move out of the space of brand and profit envy.


If you are ready to confidently serve the world and walk in your promise.

T H I S   P R O G R A M   I S   F O R   Y O U!

 Apply HERE if you are ready to make it REIGN