Monetized To The Max - Program Sale

How would it feel to have a blueprint for monetizing your platform with physical product sales and packaged up coaching/consulting services?

How would it feel to know that you have diversified income streams versus just only making money one way? 

Would like to know the feeling of waking up to new product sales AND inquires from new prospects?

Would you like to have a packaged up program that not only makes your Paypal bling, but actually helps people gain the results that you want to help them to achieve without you being involved every single step of the way. I’m talking cash automation, as in passive income?

I'm talking your very own products + premium programs!

What if you had a plug-in system for working with clients AND customers?


Guess What Girl, the answer doesn’t have to be Either/OR. It’s AND.

If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, then sip away Sweetheart… I have something created especially for you! 

What if you could stop wondering how to generate income in your online business?


The key to being able to truly monetize online is by being able to provide unique solutions to your audience. Some of your audience may prefer physical products while the rest may be interested in learning from or working with you.  

Most programs teach you one or the other.  

They want you to focus on being either an commerce company or coach.  

In Monetized to the Max, I teach you BOTH!  

I give you all the tools that you need to create a monetized platform the way that you decide!  

Using all of my years of experience in generating income for myself and my clients, I have created a brand new system that goes in depth with exactly what you need to know in order to create subtantial income online, no matter what your personality type is.  

Too many programs tell you who & what you should be in order to generate revenue.  

In Monetized to the Max, I show you where the opportunities are and HOW to execute them with professional precision in minimal time.

You see the problem with a lot of online business programs is that they they teach to use a cookie cutter template system.  

You’re unique.  

There are certain aspects of your personality that may not fit certain business models.  

That’s why we need to start with you understanding which business models are best for your personality type.

How do I know all of this? Well, currently I coach women entrepreneurs to package their expertise into premium coaching programs that many of them charge thousands of dollars for. However, I first started online business with a jewelry and tee shirt boutique AND I LOVED IT! People enjoy buying unique products of quality. AND if you have a good product it will essentially sell itself again & again.  

Let’s talk about your coaching program! If you are someone with a big heart and even bigger mission, then selling your professional services can add a ton of fulfillment in your life and let’s not forget a heap of money.  

An 8 week program that not only teaches you how to create products that compliment your brand and to structure your premium programs, but also hold heart sales (not hard sales) conversations that strikes the heart of your dream customer and makes excited to sign the dotted line in order to get started working with you. Business Your Way! 

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? In Monetized to the Max you'll discover...

• How to build the architecture and content for your premium program 

• How to hold heart-filled sales conversations that are impactful and inspire your ideal prospects to purchase your services

• How to identify (wholesale/dropship) and/or manufacturers for your product

• How to set up your ecommerce store

• How to implement customer & client targeting

There’s something about a customer receiving a physical item in their mailbox. It feels like Christmas! They are excited to receive items they can touch, feel, and use.  

The best thing about selling physical products online is that many times, you don’t have to buy upfront inventory if you know which companies to partner with.  

The keys to launching physical products are: 1) Where to purchase them from 2) Where to get them manufactured 3) How to launch with as minimal upfront investment as possible  

In this course, I’ll teach you how to identify viable manufacturers for you concept.  

I’ll also share with you how I was able to create a product that I was initially quoted upwards of $10K upfront cost for as little as 1 percent of that initial quote!  


By the time I’m finished with you, you will be able to navigate through the internet streets with clarity, confidence, and most importantly execution!  

While everyone else is focused on primarily generating money one way, you’ll be equipped to monetize utilizing several different income streams.  

#STAYREADY While your competitors are busy looking and sounding like each other while scrambling around trying to figure out what works, Monetized to The Max will have you READY to handle any opportunities that come your way.  

The best way to help someone to gain transformative results is by working directly with them. As a purpose driven entrepreneur, I already now that it’s important for you to know that you are adding immense value to the lives of your clients. Not only will you be able to work with them in a deeper and more meaningful way that creates greater results, but coaching & consulting is the perfect way to generate larger ticket sales in your business.  

The problem is, most new coaches/consultants don’t know how to:

 1) Identify their ideal customer 

2) Package up their expertise in a way that aligns with their personal values + the value that they pass along to their clients. I’m going to show you how to properly position your expertise for success in your industry, serve delighted and raving clients, and take your premium payout to the bank!  

What if you could stop winging it on your sales calls and instead have a brilliantly crafted conversation that invokes connection and psychology based buying triggers that increases your conversions? Sounds GOOD, doesn’t it?  

In This Coaching Program, You’ll Discover...

- How to build the architecture and content for your premium program 

-How to hold heart-filled sales conversations that are impactful and inspire your ideal prospects to purchase your services 

-How to identify (wholesale/dropship) and/or create products for your brand

-Clarity Calls Sales Script ($4997 value alone) 

-How to identify (wholesale/dropship) and/or manufacturers for your product

-How to set up your ecommerce store

-How to implement customer & client targeting

Who Am I?

I’m Brandy Butler, Online Business & Monetization Coach. I help women to package their expertise into premium programs and books that they are known for. I have helped 100's of women to start their online businesses and I have helped dozens to publish books, gain professional speaking opportunities and create service-based programs that they charge several of thousands for. Some of my clients have reported booking clients of $15K and $60K after working with me!  

BUT when I first started my online business, it was selling unique products that put me in the game! Some products I created, some were from wholesalers, and other items I had custom manufactured from factories overseas. There's room for you to do it ALL and mae it COHESIVE.

I have a big heart and a whole lot of gusto and I believe in the power of online business, I’ve witnessed it’s effects firsthand ! I have no tolerance for BS, excuses, blaming or shading. I’m here to do business and to help you do the same!  

I’ve worked with tons of women with different mindsets, and I while I do utilize formulas, I don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches. My goal for my clients is to provide them a proven framework that they can then customize to fit their own unique lifestyles and personality types.  

Who This Is For?

 Entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales by blending physical products along with premium coaching & consulting into their business model.

How It Works

- This is a 100% online program  

- You will be given access to course information  

- You will have access to our Private MTTM FB Group.  

Nothing BUT Results

This investment is RISK FREE. When you complete the entire program (within 30 days of purchase), if you find that you did not receive value out of it, I will either A) hop on the phone with you personally and help you pinpoint what went wrong or B) Refund your purchase with proof of work. You have NOTHING to lose except the opportunity to attract new sales.

How would it feel knowing that you had a system for working with private 1:1 clients as well as generating passive income with your online courses?

I can describe it in ONE word. AMAZING


1 Payment of $697 (normally $997) OR 4 payments of $197 (normally $275)

I’m Now Working With Several Premium Clients, I'm An International Speaker, & Have Launched My First Course! Before working with Brandy, I was at a loss on how to structure the marketing of my business, and how to create a BIG BRAND. My pricing was totally off as well. With her powerful and direct approach, I left each Coaching session crystal clear, and amazing action steps. So far, I have an awesome system that leads my clients from one step to the next. I have landed new clients and exceeded my initial income goals. I look forward to launching my book this summer along with a BIG live event! I am so excited about my future of helping Nurses start their own businesses! Words can’t express how proud I am of myself for taking the leap of faith to work with her. I knew in my heart after meeting her that she was the real deal and her work speaks for itself. I would HIGHLY recommend Brandy to anyone in need of clarity, awesome strategy, and next level outcomes in your business. ~Michele Rhodes, RNTerprise

Armed With Monetization to the Max & These Power Packed Bonuses, You Will Be Undeniable In Your Industry!

As a Special Bonus I will be gifting you with me Rock Your Book System! You will be able to work through the Rock Your Book system at your own pace.

($2997 Value)  

In this fast paced program, we will discuss several types of physical products that you can easily create. However, one of the greatest products that you can ever create is your first self-published book!  

Being a published author will not only help you increase your expert status, but it also helps you increase sales from both a product and services standpoint.  

I will take you through the exact steps that I have used and helped others to self publish their first book in 90 days or less.

Grown Woman Business Academy 

($2997 value)

In Monetized to The Max, we will jump right into strategy and implementation. However, I know that some of the students within Monetized to the Max might be brand new to online business building. For this reason, I have included the Grown Woman Business Academy so that you can have every required resource at your fingertips. Learn all of the basics of online marketing, social media, mindset, Facebok ads & more! 

Sizzling Sales

($2997 value)

Decided that coaching & servicing clients is your jam? Want to take a stab at high ticket coaching with higher rates to boot? I will teach you the strategy for marketing to, selling, and serving high-ticket coaching/consulting clients.

Coaching Secrets They Don't Want You To Know 

($1997 value)

There are a lot of programs that will teach you the text book version of coaching, but not many people prepare you for what actually happens behind the scenes physically and emotionally. Not many coaches are willing to share with you the pitfalls of unhealthy business partnerships, energy drainers, common coaching mistakes, client interaction faux pas, competitor adversity, silent but painful contract oversights, and more!  

I’m talking the REAL REAL, the elephant in the room that most people ignore, the mindset issues that start out small but can snowball into a mountain and block your momentum if you aren’t careful.

Don't Miss Out! You will not find another system that teaches how leverage eCommerce & premium consulting within the same program in a way that is custom suited for your personality. 

This is a limited-time offer. Monetized to the Max will never be offered again at this special price.


How is this class taught? 

It is a self study class, you will learn at your own pace. You will also have access to course videos, PDFs, and materials inside of your user portal. There will be a live coaching call once per month and you will be granted replay access in case you miss it.

What if I don’t know what kind of business I want to start? 

No worries, I will walk you through the pros & cons of the different types of online business types in detail. You will also take specialized assessments that will  

What if I don’t have a website yet? 

You don’t necessarily need to have a websites. In this program I will show you not only how to sell without a website, but how to get your online platform started easily and affordably. 

What if I don’t have the budget for a graphic designer?  

I will teach you cost effective ways to have a polished visual brand that POPS. Additionally, in my bonuses, I have gifted you access to my Grown Woman Business Academy where I teach visual branding and more. 

What if I don’t have the time? 

No worries, you can always self study at your own pace. However, this session of MTM will incorporate live classes. In all of my years of online business, I’ve found that accountability in conjunction with strategy is usually what sets high performers apart. If you aren't ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work, you're probably not a good fit for the course. This is your chance to work with me and the other class students to be held accountable to PROPERLY executing your monetized online platform. You'll also learn how to effectively & affordably delegate your projects so that you #GETTHINGSDONE faster. 

BETTER QUESTION - How much more time will you waste doing things things the wrong way?

This seems expensive, is it really worth this much? 

Absolutely and without a doubt. It has taken me years of trial & error to learn these strategies. My VIP coaching clients pay over $5000 to receive this type of help from me on a private 1:1 level. I personally have invested over $25,000 into my personal development via coaching and courses. While I can’t legally make claims about how much you stand to make, I can tell you that I am certain that if you take this information and implement it, you will make a return on investment. 

Booked a $60K Client and Sold Over 1500 Books to One Organization! Brandy Butler was the push I needed to guide me to achieve my goal of being a business owner, author and speaker. It was my coaching with Brandy that helped me that I published my book in less than 3 months of making the decision to get it done. Brandy’s encouraged me to be more visible has opened many opportunities for speaking engagements that I didn’t conceive existed. I am grateful for the positive, knowledgeable and motivating spirit that she possesses and exudes throughout her coaching. I hired Brandy because I was on a mission to achieve my ultimate goal of being a successful entrepreneur, but little did I know of how massive the entrepreneurial world would be for me and I needed Brandy Butler to help guide my path to success. My life is forever changed! ~Deletra Hudson

My First $15K Client

“Brandy is an amazing Business Mentor and Strategist. Brandy helped me get really clear on my business objectives and pushed me to move in the direction, I truly wanted to move towards in my business. I was able to get really clear on my signature packaging and burst through a lot of my mindset traps that had been preventing me from having the momentum I wanted. Once I was able to burst through my mindset traps, my confidence increased and I was able to show up more. Through working with Brandy, I was able to attract my first $15K client!” ~Krista Jennings