[Podcast] Establishing your Brand Authority through Coaching

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I have with me today one of my most favorite mentor, Dr. Towanna Freeman, who happens to be the founder of Black Life Coaches. I am just so excited to have this woman on this show so that she could share with us her knowledge and expertise as she has been in the industry for quite some time and she has tons of information not just in the life coaching arena, but in the tech and business areas as well. Here are some highlights from our conversation:

  • Towanna started the Black Life coaches in 2007 after leaving the corporate world and went into the business of executive coaching. As a coach, she was also getting asked if she could refer people to other coaches of diverse, ethnic background and that was when she started the Black Life Coaches movement.


  • There were so many stereotypes within her community that would hinder her ability to execute in her particular niche but once she had understood how her niche was missing out on business growth opportunities, it became a mission to help as many as she can. It became a personal conversation and commitment to helping that particular group.


  • When you redirect someone to understanding what’s more important and you prioritize mindsets and buying habits, people will buy. Today, black women are bosses when it comes to spending their money. How they spend their money and how they choose to spend money is a conversation.


  • Most business people have the message, the credentials, the skills but they don’t have the CEO or the business owner’s mindset. That is where the business coach steps in. The business strategist helps the business owner have that mindset that will enable them to become successful.


  • First, you need to know whom you are called to serve. You need to describe specifically who your ideal client is. Helping these clients use what they already have to make money is the key – not going and finding something new. Be so specific that you are seeing this ideal client every time.


  • When she first started in coaching and the internet marketing was just taking foothold and it was really hard to get a website done. Internet marketing was coined during the years when she started out. It was during this time that she had mastered the concept of shared traffic. Shared traffic is your ability to partner with an organization or an individual that already has a large internet presence. In the beginning, she connected with people who are powerful on the internet and it’s the same way today. In order to maximize your internet space, you have to optimize whatever you are doing (meaning Google has to love it) and you have to hook on with another person or organization who is a leader in your niche. When get the endorsement of a “big fish”, the chances of people believing you will increase tremendously.


  • As a parting tip, she encourages coaches strongly to first get a certification, because that will separate yourself in the market. Once you’re certified, don’t call yourself a coach. Coaching is a skill, not a business. When you call yourself a coach, you are dumbing down who you are as a professional. Don’t call yourself a coach if you have been an engineer for the last 30 years (and so forth). Coaching is not your business – it is your skill.


You may reach Towanna on her website at www.towannafreeman.com and you may also connect with her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/blacklifecoaches), Twitter (@blacklifecoach), Youtube (www.youtube.com/user/BlackLifeCoaches) and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/towannafreeman)



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