How to Create Your First 6 Figures As A New Coach/Consultant

Your free guide for attracting high quality clientele

Your First Six Figures As A New Coach/Consultant

Are you tired of spinning your wheels wondering how to attract more of your ideal client?

Have you ever wondered why your online/lifestyle/consulting business isn't growing the way that you desire?

Are you craving the fulfillment of working only with amazing people that light your fire? 

Are you tired of experiencing feast or famine months?

I know exactly how this all feels!  I've been there before.  

One day I decided that I had enough of low balling myself & spinning my wheels and I finally said "Yes" to me and went after what I wanted.  Better clients. I figured out the system for working with great paying clients and it's the best business decision that I've ever made.

It's not just about the money!
Money isn't everything, it's simply energy, a resource/tool.  However, people who invest in themselves at a higher level are usually better prepared to play a bigger game (mentally & spiritually).  You'll find that great paying clients tend to vibrate at a higher frequency than low priced clients, which makes your job as a service provider easier and much more enjoyable.  Your #1 goal should be to operate from your overflow and pour into the cups of your clients so that they are equipped to experience maximum results.

"You can't pour from an empty cup" ~unknown

What I have found is that many women don't know how to package our services in a way that is bold & juicy enough to tap into souls and attract our ideal clients. The lack of a steady flow of clients typically indicates a lack of systems.  Finding great clients can be extremely difficult when you don't know how to go about it.  Don't worry, there is a proven path to finding great clients.  Grace & ease are usually discovered on that same path.  

In This Free Training You Will:

  • Identify what it means to attract your ideal client.
  • Learn how to connect with your ideal client in a meaningful way that makes you the clear choice in your industry.
  • Discover where you need to "play" in order to reach your dream clients 
  • Identify how to develop systems that will allow you to create greater impact and results for yourself and most importantly your clients. 

About Brandy Butler

Brandy Butler is a Career & Business Strategist.  She's also the Author of the book, “Girl, Just Quit” & "Cubicle Exodus".  Brandy helps women to establish the visibility and credibility that they need in order attract clients, media, and speaking opportunities.

Through the work that she does with her clients, she is able to help women to leap through mental blocks that keep their brand hidden online.  She empowers them to stand in the power of their God given talents and authority. 
 As a result of working with Brandy, women are able to gain more clients, media, and speaking opportunities.

Brandy is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs gain visibility and credibility so they can experience profitability in their businesses.  She has helped thousands of women all over the world through her book, coaching, trainings, and online content.


Here is What Some of My Lovely Clients Have to Say About Me...

Now that I have the knowledge, confidence, and results, I know that I can recreate the success I’ve already had.

"So far I’ve created a successful sales pitch that allowed me to convert 3 clients in just a few weeks. I had more than 15 prospective clients reach out to me and each prospect was thoroughly interested in working with me. With Brandy’s accountability and motivation, I finally launched my first online course. This is the most I’ve ever made in my business! "

Terri Lomax

While coaching with Brandy, I secured a 10K contract, gained clarity and have far more visibility than before.

"She also helped me to develop my signature program. In addition, I've expanded my marketing plan and social media visibility on multiple platformsIf you need a coach, Brandy will not disappoint. She is authentic, personable, knowledgeable and focused. It's worth the investment.

Dr. Monique Johnson