The Mission – To help you do more of what you love, learn how to market it, and get paid for it!

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Hey Gorgeous, let me ask you a few questions:

Have you ever found yourself pumped up about getting your business idea off the ground, but not know where to start?

Do you ever get tired of watching everyone else grow their business, meanwhile you you are at a screeching halt?

Are you ready to use social media and online business in a way that supports and grows your BIG dreams?

Do you ever get tired from spending hours bombarding yourself with information on Google University?  

Have you ever WISHED that you could work with someone like a coach, mentor, or instructor who can show you how all of this tech + marketing stuff works, but the way your budget is set up… you haven’t been able to do so?

Would you like access to a vault of premium content that will take you on a clear path to growth?


Girl, I Hear You!

That’s why I’ve created the Brilliant Brand Club.  It’s the perfect place for women who want access to blockbuster business-building content so that they can market their vision and grow their personal brands.

When I started my first online business five years ago, I totally winged it. I had no manual, no defined framework.  I wasted a lot of time and learned several things the hard way.  However, along the way I have invested and learned from the best of the best.  I left my cushy job as an IT Engineer in 2014 and I haven’t looked back!  I’ve been featured in cool places like Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, Blogging While Brown, BlogHer, The Black Life Coaches Summit, and Podcast Movement.  Since growing my online business, I’ve inspired thousands of women and worked with 100’s through my published books, podcasts, coaching and courses.


I’m offering you a straight-forward approach to building your business online.

I see a lot of women getting pumped up about growing their brands, however, the sad thing part is that many of them don’t realize they are doing it WRONG.

You don’t want to just build a brand, you want to build a brand that MAKES SENSE!  

Let me help you build a BRILLIANT BRAND!
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What is a Brilliant Brand?

  A brand that is:



How does having access to a vault of business building content that will sky rocket your brand’s success sound to you?  

I’m talking about videos, audio recordings, pdfs, worksheets, checklists, community, and quarterly group calls?

Why waste your time spinning your wheels when you can get started the RIGHT WAY?

Within 30 Days I Booked My First Premium Client!

"Before I started working with Brandy, I was timid about offering my services and when I did offer them, they were priced a lot lower than they were worth. With Brandy's help I was able to properly package and price my services. Within a month of working with her, I booked my first premium client and a second just 2 weeks after that. It was also really important to me structure my business in a way that was authentic to me, and Brandy was able to help me do just that. Making the decision (and the investment)  to work with Brandy has been hands down the best decision I have made for my business."

Vashti Patrick, Award Winning Content Creator | Author
Never Fear, The Brilliant Brand Club is Here!
How it Works:


The Brilliant Brand Club is a self study program. The investment is a one-time payment of $997 monthly payments of $197.  

 You’ll receive access to brand new instructional videos, audios, and pdfs.

Let’s Keep It Real – You easily blow through this type of money on a regular with your Apple Music subscription, Amazon Prime, and weekly Grande Chai Latte obsessions.

Why not invest that money into skills that will produce a real harvest for yourself?

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Here’s a Sample of What You Get As a Brilliant Brand Club Member:

I Began Charging My Worth

Before I began working with Brandy, I was playing small. I had spent hundreds of dollars on courses that didn't work and burning out from running my blog and life coach business by myself. I reached out to her because I was at the end of my rope and contemplating giving up completely on my business.

Within days of that first session, I had a list of homework, contacts, and tangible results. I have developed my offerings from low-tier products to premium packages that attract the type of clients I want. I am now seen as an influencer amongst my peers, and I've developed confidence in content, sales, and being a brand.

Brandy truly believes in me and balances affirmation with no-nonsense tough love. She is NOT going to let you fail and acts as your biggest cheerleader each step of the way. Choosing Brandy as my coach is one of the best decisions I've ever made personally and professionally.

Aleia Mims, Success Coach
Who is this for?
  • Women who have a strong desire to identify their purpose
  • Women who are new to online business
  • Women who are ready to architect a new reality for themselves
  • Lady Bosses who are ready to put in the work to grow their businesses strategically
  • Women who want to be surrounded with like minded women
  • Service-based female entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and Consultants
  • Female business owners who want to maximize their physical product sales
Who this is NOT for:
  • Individuals who are not willing to put in the work and execute
  • Excuse-makers
  • Opportunist who only want to join the community to blast & spam biz promos
  • Bargain shoppers who want everything for free and don’t believe in investing in anything for themselves.  My 1:1 private coaching programs start at $3500 and I'm currently not accepting new private clients.  This is a GREAT opportunity for you. Is you moving towards the life of your dreams worth investing in yourself?  Yes?  If not, Houston we have a problem!

“Passion + Mindset + Strategy = Stellar Execution”

How is Brilliant Brand Club Delivered?

Upon payment, content access will be immediately delivered to you via email.  

A year from now where will you be?  

Will you be in the same spot progress-wise or will you have experienced massive momentum, spread your message, connecting with new people, and making money from doing what you love?

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My First $15K Client

Brandy is an amazing Business Mentor and Strategist. Brandy helped me get really clear on my business objectives and pushed me to move in the direction, I truly wanted to move towards in my business.  I was able to get really clear on my signature packaging and burst through a lot of my mindset traps that had been preventing me from having the momentum I wanted. Once I was able to burst through my mindset traps, my confidence increased and I was able to show up more.  Through working with Brandy, I was able to attract my first $15K client!

Krista Jennings, Business Systems Strategist

Refund Policy – If you aren’t happy with the Brilliant Brand Club for whatever reason, you have 5 days upon joining to cancel and request a full refund.  No refunds will be available after the initial 5 day entrance period.

Is There a Payment Play Option Available?

Yes. I've made it easy for you to jump right in and get things done!  

Monthly Payment Option